Opportunities and Changes…

Let Them Eat Cupcakes has been given a few new and amazing opportunities that will allow us to continue to grow our expanding family of companies. We now find ourselves in the very best position possible: Too many great opportunities and not enough time to pursue all of them!

We have therefore reluctantly decided to close our Let Them Eat Cupcakes retail location at 35 S. Beretania Street in order to focus more intently on a few new exciting projects.

We are definitely still in the bakery business: cupcakes, cookies, our famous Grandonas, bars, marshmallows, cakes, pies, but our focus now is on catering special events only. We are delighted to prepare these delicious and beautiful treats for your birthday, office party, graduation ceremony, for any and all special occasions. So, please call us in order to discuss your order. Our doors are still open if you want to drop in to discuss your sweetest desires.

Thank you.